CindyLight of Christ offers a Kindergarten program with a developmentally and academically appropriate curriculum for Kindergarten children. In addition, we offer a small class size which allows each child to receive more individualized attention. Click here for half-day and extended day program options. 

At our school, it is understood and believed that each child is a unique individual created by God who matures at his/her own rate of development. It is further recognized that children learn primarily through play, utilizing varied and appropriate "hands-on" experiences. This daily exposure to educational concepts allows learning to happen when the child is ready. So in planning for thecolton nashday, the whole child is in focus as s/he is challenged to progress in all areas of growth (spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical).

As a result, teachable moments occur continually throughout the day. All curricular areas (art, language, math, motor skills, music, religion, science, and social studies) are incorporated into the days’ activities while exploring a particular theme or unit of study. The curriculum keeps the children’s interests and needs in mind and ensures their academic proficiency in line with State Standards and Irvine Unified School district Guidelines for Kindergarten.

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The classroom environment is set up in such a way that learning is fun! It is inviting to the child and stimulates investigation, discovery, and interaction with the materials, other children, and adults. It nourishes the development of problem-solving skills, social skills, and being able to think independently. The child's self-esteem and drive for learning are continually encouraged and praised to reach his/her greatest potential.

The daily program offers a routine that is flexible with a balance of child-initiated and teacher-guided activities. Various teaching methods are also used throughout the units to accommodate each child's learning style further. In this way, children feel comfortable, successful, and have an enthusiastic desire to learn!

Daily Class Schedule


8:00 Before-School Childcare
9:00 Arrival (handwashing, fine motor work)                                                   
9:10 Opening (prayer, attendance, announcements, pledges)
9:15 Jesus Time (Bible lesson, Bible words, Jesus song, circle prayer)
9:30 Calendar (number work (ie: recognition, sequencing, combinations, place value) and time measurement (ie: days, weeks, months, years, seasons)
9:40 Floor Activity (theme-related, curricular learning in math, science, language)  
9:50 Basket Jobs (individual tasks to extend the group activity)
10:00 Free Choice (independent play, social interaction, and 1 on  directed instruction)
10:30 Bathroom/Snack
10:45 Journaling-M (self-expression through drawings and words)
Art-T/Th (creative expression through various media)
Physical Education-W/F (building gross motor ability)
11:00 Rainbow Skills (language and math proficiency development)
11:10 Outside Play (on playground with TK)
11:30 Table Work (handwriting practice while applying math and language constructs)
11:40 Books M/W/F (enjoying theme-related stories to introduce pre-reading concepts)
Music T/TH (exploration of basic music components)
12:00 Closing Prayer/Pick-Up

  PM Extended Day

12:00 Lunchbox (bathroom, lunch, and playground time with TK)
1:00 Pick-Up or Bathroom/Read and Rest Time        
2:00 Play Time (in TK room)     
2:30 Enrichment (activities using the current theme)
3:00 Pick-Up or join children downstairs
3:30 Outside Time
4:30 Inside Time/Closing
5:00 Pick-Up at Playground Gate