Light of Christ Preschool offers a Transitional Kindergarten class with a curriculum that is developmentally and academically appropriate for 5-year-olds who need an additional year between Preschool and Kindergarten. Click here for half-day and extended day program options. 

As our philosophy states, it is understood and believed that each child is a unique individual created by God who matures at his/her own rate of development. It is further recognized that children learn primarily through play, utilizing varied and appropriate "hands-on" experiences. This daily exposure to educational concepts allows learning to happen when the child is ready. So, in planning for the day, the whole child is in focus as s/he is challenged to progress on an individual basis in all areas of growth (spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical).

As a result, teachable moments occur continually throughout the day. All curricular areas (art, language, math, motorA060E447 64A6 4FCB 9D83 A3A49B85C602 skills, music, religion, science, and social studies) are incorporated into the days’ activities while exploring a particular theme or unit of study. The themes have been designed with the child's interests and needs in mind as well as their academic readiness for Kindergarten.

The environment is set up in such a way that learning is fun! It is inviting to the child and stimulates investigation, discovery, and interaction with the materials, other children, and adults. It nourishes the development of problem-solving, social skills, and being able to think independently. The child's self-esteem and drive for learning are continually encouraged and praised in order that his/her greatest learning ability may be reached.

BoomwackersThe daily program offers a routine that is flexible with a balance of child-initiated and teacher-guided activities. There are both large and small group activities, as well as time for individual attention. In addition to those experiences, the children "work" in centers each day that provides hands-on learning in a general way for each curricular area. Various teaching methods are also used throughout the units to further accommodate each child's learning style. In this way, children feel comfortable, successful, and have an enthusiastic desire to learn, so that, by the end of the year they are ready for our Kindergarten program.

Daily Class Schedule


8-9 Before School Childcare
9:00 Arrival (handwashing, cubby, name job)
9:10 Opening (attendance, birthdays, calendar, flag)
9:15 Jesus Time (praise song, bible Lesson, bible Verse memorization, prayer)
9:30 Skill Time (language, math, science, gross motor & fine motor development, name writing,                                  and Mystery Bag)
10:00 Play Time & Individual Instruction (centers, art, social interaction, one-on-one work time, clean-up,                   bathroom)
10:40 Snack Time (question of the day, fine motor skill development, wash hands)
11:00 Outside Time (gross motor activities, free play on the playground, wash hands)
11:40 Book Time (letter/number practice, choose and “read” books on own)
11:50 Songs/Storytime (learn and review theme-related songs/poems, read and discuss theme-related books)
12:00 Dismissal

 PM Extended Day
12:00 Lunchbox (Bathroom, lunch, wash hands, playground)
1:30 Read & Rest Time
2:00 Play Time, Large Group Activities, Bathroom
3:00 Join  Children Downstairs (snack)
3:30 Outside Time
4:30 Inside Activities/Closing
5:00 Dismissal