Light of Christ Preschool Parent Testimonials

“IN THEIR OWN WORDS” – how parents feel about what Light of Christ Preschool has meant to their children…

Light of Christ Lutheran Preschool is a great place where the entire faculty cares about each and every child. We truly feel like family there.

The Giron family

“Deciding to send your child to preschool is a challenging decision. Choosing which school to send them to is even more difficult. We couldn’t be happier with our decision to send our son to Light of Christ Preschool. They are so caring and loving there. He has thrived in this school socially and academically.”

The Schmehr Family

“We became part of the Light of Christ Preschool family 13 years ago. (All five of our kids have been/are students there.) The staff members are so sweet and attentive with both the students and the parents. They teach the kids about the love of Jesus, and really show it to us, as well. The curriculum is developmental in nature with lots of fun activities. The school is small with a good student/staff ratio, and the playground is safe and well-enclosed. We are so thankful for L.O.C. Preschool! It has been a huge blessing to our whole family.”

The Wood Family

“It is great to find a school that helps children – academically, socially and spiritually. It is a rare and wonderful thing to find a school where everyone on the staff truly loves all the kids they teach.”

Catherine Magruder

“I just recently moved to the Irvine area and was nervous that I wouldnít be able to find a preschool as wonderful as our last. However, I asked a very dear family friend of mine and she immediately mentioned Light of Christ. We were thrilled to find out that they had an opening. Jake is absolutely thriving and already growing so much! The staff is amazing!! Our Light of Christ Preschool experience has lived up to its name. We are thankful to be here.”

Kristen Chancy-Hardy, Jakeís mom

“One of my favorite things is picking up my child from preschool. The expression of joy on his face reassures me that they were educated, nurtured, and shown the love of Jesus.”

Noel Fairchild

“We have been spoiled by the personal attention and interest, small class sizes and warm and nurturing environment at Light of Christ. Even though we attend a different church, we feel like part of the Light of Christ family. Thanks to the caring and supportive staff, our daughter has created a strong foundation for loving to learn – and loving the Lord.”

The Parker Family

“The caring staff at Light of Christ Preschool has provided both our daughters with a fir foundation for their education, grounded in their faith.”

Dr. and Mrs. Martell

“Light of Christ has the warmest, most caring environment among the programs I have toured over the years. And best of all, they have the best director and teacher team I have ever seen.”

Yue He and Fan Yu

“Having our son at Light of Christ has been such a wonderful experience. We were a little hesitant at first, since our other child had attended a different preschool. Light of Christ, however, has proven to be an excellent preschool academically, spiritually and developmentally. The staff has shown tremendous care for our child.”

Stefani Clanton

“All three of our boys have absolutely loved their preschool experience at Light of Christ. The staff provides such a safe and loving environment for the children to explore, discover, and be socially and spiritually engaged. We’re just sad that we don’t have a fourth child to send here!”

Lyndee and Randy Kim

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